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If you have difficulties with elements of the platform, or appreciations and suggestions please contact us we will respond as quickly as possible.

If your bugging on something, we will try to solve the issue as rapidly as possible so you can actually start to Have Fun... sorry for that !

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To create an account you need to be invited by a current member of the Gaia Garden community.

Therefore your Account Creation Process need to be validated by this person and only then wil you receive confirmation that your account has been created.



If you wish to contact a Cell, an Organ or an Organism please use the email provided at the bottom of their profiles and use your email to contact them and ask them to be part of their entity.

Why we do that !

We strongly recommend the use of Proton Mail. It is a really good, independent, protected, secured, encrypted email provider, based in Switzerland and set up by the founders of internet, the engineers of the CERN.

We, the Gaia Garden Tech Team, do not believe in our capacity to provide such a service for free (which is the case with the Proton team) therefore we encourage you to stop using main stream email providers and switch to Proton Mail for emails exchanges.

Our job is to protect what’s on our databases, and for that Drupal and our hosting providers score well and every attempts we made to breach the walls were unsuccessful.