About Us


About Us

The block


is a collective of humans, organizations & networks

working together in local to global projects and discussions (both online and "for real" )

with - and within - a "new" set of coherent paradigms (point of view or ideas / concepts )

who come from modern science & ancestral knowledge







GAIA Garden technical platform philosophy

No ads ! No Google ads ! No Facebook ads ! No damn ads !!

No cookies ! No Google analytics cookies ! No double-click cookies ! No damn cookies !!

(except one - your live session cookie, not shareable and destroyed when you logout)

No affiliation ! No re-targeting ! No big data ! No small data ! just your data and what you want to share with the CurioCity community

No selling of personal data, anonymized data, personified data or any damn data at all ! We don't sell, we cooperate

Just a no bullshit environment fully open source by the People and for the People

! Have fun !

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